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Growing Herbs in Pots

This month we are going to look at growing herbs in pots because what could be better than having herbs close at hand no matter where you live! Whether you live in an apartment or have acreage container gardening can be a wonderful way to grow herbs.

A wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs can be grow in pots […]

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Surviving Allergy Season with Herbs

While some eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring each year, others shudder in anticipation of the accompanying return of seasonal allergies. But don’t despair, help maybe as close as your backyard or local woods and meadows.

We are extremely fortunate in this area to have an abundance of herbs that can go to bat against season […]

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Time to Get Herb Gardening!

With the wonderful early spring weather arriving, it is time to start thinking about planting an herb garden full of wonderful plants to make your own teas, medicines and delicious culinary treats. To help get you started we have described some of our favourites that grow well in our area and have a multitude of […]

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Chocolate & Roses – for love and health

Chocolate and roses – are there any two items more closely associated with romance? With Valentine’s Day upon us this month we thought it would be fun to look at the lore around these two plants and the healthy benefits of both (yes, chocolate is good for us!).

Chocolate – food of the Gods 

Chocolate is derived from […]

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Beating the Winter Blues with Herbs

January can be a tough month for many of us. The post-holiday let down coupled with gray skies, a snow-covered world, reduced activity as well as the cold temperatures of winter can all lead to what is known as the “Winter Blues.” The Winter Blues (often called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD) involves feelings of […]

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The Joy of Christmas with Herbs

So the joy of Christmas is almost upon us, but unfortunately all that “joy” can sometimes have a down side. Fortunately herbs can help bring the joy back when this happens!
From digestive upsets from all the food and stress, to over excited kids, to anxiety and depression, hangovers and colds from depressed immune function herbs […]

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Linus was right – Pumpkin is great!

With Fall here and the pumpkins almost ready, we thought we would share some fun and informative things about the often over looked pumpkin. Rich in folklore and medicinal uses, pumpkin is more than a symbol of autumn. When you say pumpkin most people think of jack o lanterns on Halloween night and yummy cinnamon-laced pies […]

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Overwintering Your Herbs Indoors

The weather is cooling and Fall is definitely in the air. This means it is time to think about ways to keep your more tender herbs safe over the winter months and one of the best ways to do this is to overwinter the plants indoors. If you can grow herbs outdoors, you can grow […]

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Recipes & Ideas for Preserving Your Herbal Harvest

This year has been a particularly bountiful year for herbs and now it is time to capture all that goodness for the coming winter months. We have put together some great recipes and ideas for you, so you can take advantage of all the herbal goodness around right now.

Some basics before you start:

• Herb flavours […]

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Tilia Has You Covered!

Tilia has you covered for some of those less desirable party aftereffects!

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