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Companion Planting with Herbs

Did you know that your home-grown tomatoes will taste better simply by planting sweet basil next to them? Or that by incorporating some caraway plants throughout your garden will help to loosen the soil? Many people have heard about the benefits of planting roses with garlic, but did you know that using feverfew with your […]

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Easter Eggs – the Way Nature Intended Them!

This month we thought we would feature a fun craft to celebrate Spring this Easter. Many people find the earthy tones of herb and food colored eggs to be far more attractive than the Easter Bunny’s candy colors (and of course healthier too!). Many herbal dye plants, used traditionally to color wool and other natural […]

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Adaptogens – Bringing our Bodies Back Into Balance

Unfortunately we have just come through a long, hard winter and despite the arrival of March and the hope of Spring, our bodies are still struggling to catch up energy wise. Moving forward into Spring for most people sees an increase in activities and if you are already struggling this can put you at a deficit health […]

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Hawthorn for a Happy Heart

February is heart health month so we thought we would feature an herb that has been used to support healthy heart function for centuries. When we talk about “heart health” few herbs come to mind more than hawthorn. Hawthorn has a long tradition of use as a wonderful cardiovascular tonic. It has a rich folklore […]

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Flower Essences for a Balanced New Year

Flower essences – tools for transformation, catalysts for change
At our store we carry a wonderful line of products known as Flower Essences and many people are often intrigued by these essences but are unfamiliar with how they work, so this month we felt we would share some information on these amazing tools for emotional wellness. Flower […]

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More Great Recipes from Tilia!

As promised here are the final recipes in our series on using some of our wonderful products. They all feature our vinegars, spices or other great culinary items. Bon appetit! 
Peach Lemon Thyme Salmon

For the marinade:
1 navel orange, peel and all, sliced very thin and then the slices quartered
½ a large lemon, thinly sliced, peel and […]

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Cooking with Infused Vinegars

This year we have introduced a new line of fruit & herb infused vinegars to our Tilia Culinary Collection and they are absolutely delicious. They come in nine amazing flavours – Apple Sage, Blueberry Basil, Pear Rosemary, Raspberry Rose, Peach Lemon Thyme, Plum Star Anise, Lemony Herb & Dill, Taste of Tuscany and Thai Flame, […]

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Tilia’s Recipes

Each year at Tilia we kick off the holiday season by inviting all our wonderful women customers to our annual Ladies Night where you can shop, eat and visit with each other. It is a fun evening made even better by all the yummy treats we share with everyone. This year was no exception and the […]

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Let’s Get Bitter

You often hear people say that they love sweet foods or salty foods but rarely do you hear people claiming affection for bitter foods. Mores the pity because bitter tasting foods and herbs are so important to our overall health. If you have anxiety issues, menopause symptoms, digestive problems or a host of other health […]

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A Medicine Chest in Your Kitchen

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach or felt that “scratchy” sensation in your throat signally the imminent arrival of a cold on a Sunday evening when no place is open to get help? Don’t despair relief maybe just a few steps away – in your kitchen […]

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