Virtual Cookie Exchange

It’s Here!

Tilia’s Virtual Cookie Exchange
If there is anything we all need now, it’s fun, and we have a cookie-jar-full planned! Because we are unable to hold our usual events at the shop this year, we decided to take the fun online, hence the Virtual Cookie Exchange. It’s a chance for people to share their favourite […]

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Season of Sweet Spices

The holiday season is full of amazing baking with delicious spices and we thought we’d share with you a little bit about the medicinal uses of some of these great herbs. We’ve featured ginger, cloves, cinnamon and anise seed below and we guarantee you will see these all of these spices as much more than […]

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Immune Support

Keeping the Immune System Strong for Cold & Flu Season
We are passionate about using herbs to support the immune system and have formulated many varieties of immune remedies over the years.  Having so many products on our shelves we often see people coming in and feeling overwhelmed by the selection, unsure of which remedy is the […]

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Lemon Balm Infused Cake, yum yum!

Our warm weather has produced a bumper crop of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) and after making medicine we found ourselves looking for more ways to use this fabulous herb. Viola, this wonderfully flavourful tea cake that is infused with lemon balm and is great served with fresh berries and whipped cream or ice cream. This […]

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Lemons Meet Lavender

What Do You Get When…


Our Amazing Lemon Lavender Scones of Course!

Luscious Lemon Lavender Scones
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 Tbsp. baking powder
3/4 tsp. salt
2 Tablespoons fresh or 2 tsp. dried lavender (make sure this is pesticide free)
Zest of one lemon
2/3 cup very cold unsalted butter, cubed
3/4 cup half and half, plus more to […]

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Support During Trying Times

Dear Friends of Tilia
Who could have imagined our lives could all change so much in such a short time? In this time of uncertainty we all need to take good care of ourselves, our loved ones, and those in need in our communities.
Obviously most people have heard about washing your hands thoroughly and practicing physical […]

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Cleaning Green Recipes

We were thrilled to be ask to be a part of the Creston Valley Library’s “Living the Change Series” and felt so welcomed by the large number of people who turned out. This series is a fabulous way to learn more about how we can take little steps to help make a healthy world and […]

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More on Tilia’s Culinary Extravaganza

The “Tilia Culinary Extravaganza” features recipes from around the world and ways to create amazing dishes incorporating the use of herbs.
Schedule and Dishes being taught:

Former caterer Rachel Beck will open the day with a session on “Herbal Fusion”, the art of combining flavours to create new taste sensations with herbs. She will teach how to […]

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Culinary Extravaganza – Meet the Chefs

Do you love to cook? Do you love to eat? Then Tilia has the perfect event for you. Following on the success of our Great Tilia Bake Off we have created an exciting all day Culinary Extravaganza Workshop to help you to take your cooking up a notch. This all day event will take you […]

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Sample Saturday Solstice Treats

Every Saturday in December we have been sharing wonderful treats made with our spice blends and extracts and this week was no exception. The recipes below are so yummy you definitely want to make them for your family & guests this holiday season.

Tilia’s Quatre Spice Twists
A favourite in Europe this spicy blend has course ground […]

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