Dear Friends of Tilia

Who could have imagined our lives could all change so much in such a short time? In this time of uncertainty we all need to take good care of ourselves, our loved ones, and those in need in our communities.

Obviously most people have heard about washing your hands thoroughly and practicing physical distancing. Following the directives of the public health officials is essential if we are to stop the spread of this potentially devastating virus. While we support a natural approach to health and immunity, we most definitely caution against relying on herbs and supplements alone to prevent or treat the COVID -19 virus. If you show symptoms of COVID-19, please follow the advice of public health experts. Self-isolate, get tested, and seek professional medical help if you have concerning symptoms.

Some things you can do to support your overall health and immunity:

  • Eat a diet rich in healthy foods and forgo the sugar and refined foods (this can lower our immunity and damage healthy cells)

  • Get fresh air and exercise. Healthy oxygenation of the body helps your cells to work better.

  • Really, really try to reduce your stress. Stress is extremely hard on our body and is a major immune suppressant. Try doing deep breathing, yoga or meditation. Diffuse essential oils in the air to calm your nervous system. Be kind and gentle to yourself. And don’t worry there truly will be enough toilet paper and pasta to go around!

  • Oh and did we mention – wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands?!

Ways we are here to help during these during these difficult times.

  • Delivery and Drive in Services – we are now implementing two services that will allow you more choices in how you interact with our shop. You can choose to call in or email your request for herbal formulations, remedies or any other products we have in the store. You simply pay by credit card or etransfer. We then will have your remedy ready for you to pick up in store, in the parking lot or have it delivered for free to you. Please phone 250-428-8866 or email and we will explain how this works in detail. We also ask everyone for their patience, our staff are working full out to make sure we have all the products you need and we ask that you give us at least 4 hours to have formulations ready for you to pick up in store or in the parking lot. Delivery times will be arranged on an individual basis.

  • In store help – if you wish to drop by the store we are still open and can help you stay safe by gathering up items you wish to purchase (in our trusty wicker basket) and taking them to the till for you. If you wish something from the blending bar, we are happy to pump it for you. We ask if possible that you use the “tap” feature on your bank cards when paying. If that isn’t possible please know we sanitize our machine before and after each transaction. While we will accept cash we do ask that you, if possible, consider using a bank card at this time.

  • Herbalists advise – we know many, many of you stop by the shop to ask questions about health concerns or products and we want to still be able to offer this service to you. You are of course still welcome to visit the shop for this but we are now offering product support via the phone or or online. We ask that the consults be no longer than 10 minutes as our staff is needed to keep up with production levels as well.

  • Enhanced cleaning – as a health business and product producer we are very cognizant of the need for strong sanitary practices to ensure safety. In addition to our normal thorough practices we have implemented surface cleaning after each customer including all door handles, surfaces, and Point of Sale machine.

  • Social distancing – while we love our customers and value our interactions we will be implementing social distancing to ensure everyone stays safe. So we’ll send you air hugs and kisses for now!

We so care about our customers and we plan to post regularly on our social media and web site to keep you updated on things and share recipes for fun ideas and tips you can do at home. So please take care everyone, remember to breathe, to laugh and be grateful for all the wonderful things that are good in our world.

Long distance hugs from your friends at Tilia,

Jessica, Rachel & Courtney